Journey through the Desert

Evangelism, journey through the desert, military story, Religion and Spirituality, Soldier

Lt. Roger Tharpe’s journey through the desert is for those seeking another kind of military story, a contemporary look from one soldier’s perspective of how God sustained me through all tribulations. Small enough to fit into a soldier’s pocket, this journal will provide hope and comfort for our military’s soldiers and their families. Lt. Tharpe says, “It is my desire that after reading my journal entries during the intense fighting of the war in Afghanistan, you will walk away knowing that you have heard from a soldier—but not just any soldier—a soldier who loves the word of God as well as his brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope you will feel their struggle as well as mine, weep with them that weep, and enjoy the victories we have in Jesus. “It is also my desire that you learn what it means to love and speak to others about Jesus, that fear would not overtake you because of differing worldviews, but that you will hear the chant of victory in Jesus’ name.”

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